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Although you can better consume your pralines or truffles as soon as possible, you better not eat them all in one go ! Consequently, we would like to give you some tips for their conservation.

Chocolate has very volatile, refined aromas that evaporate when you leave the packaging open for a longer while. Close the packaging as good as possible after every consumption.

Chocolate easily absorbs all strong smells and tastes from its surroundings so better not place it amid strong smelling cheese or onions.

Chocolate does not like heat, need it being said, but also fears extreme cold and humidity. Consequently, store your chocolates in a dark, dry place with a constant chamber temperature (about 20°C). Chocolate in a refrigerator is not advisable and only to be done when there is no other possibility. If you put them in the refrigerator ensure you put them in a sealed box or alu foil, always be careful with condensation.

Temperature shocks caused by fast changes of heat and cold destroy the crystal structure in the chocolate and make that the cocoa butter is no longer stuck to the cocoa solids. Tiny white spots will appear at the surface of the chocolate, the so called fat blooming. The chocolate will gradually loose its typical crack and taste pattern and that's a pity for all the knowledge, passion and skill that has been invested in it !