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You still remember the taste of real marzipan from your childhood ? That genuine taste of almonds in nice marzipan fruit or as a funny figure ?

We at Carline have done years of research to get back to the authentic almond marzipan with its characteristic taste. With a well measured mixture of Californian and Spanish almonds, a soft dough is prepared that, depending on the ultimate product that will be made with it, gets a certain quantity of sugars. Carline applies both the hot Lübecker as the cold roller method to get at its traditional, refined marzipan with almond percentages up to 54%.

What started as part of our pralines making, became a separate division after the acquisition of an old, genuine marzipan workshop end of the 90ties. Handy hands of our special marzipan team shape out of the marzipan dough a colourful and tasteful assortment of marzipan figures and fruit.

Carline also combines marzipan with chocolate, not only in a broad number of tasteful pralines but also in a range of individually wrapped or sliceable marzipan logs.